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Ugly Betty vs Tracy (15:54)

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United Kingdom

As the title suggests, most of the matches on this DVD feature new girls making their nude wrestling debut, and in the case of one of them, it's up against one of the most experienced women in the business. Ugly Betty is the brave soul in question, taking on the always wiry and tenacious Tracy. Newbies Natalie, a cute blonde and Gem, a lovely looking girl of mixed race, get to work on each other in a fine clash of new talent, before Ugly Betty returns to underline her potential against the loser. Finally there's an interesting and undeniably sexy match in boots between two Festelle favourites, feisty black girl Ebony and glamour puss Lucy, a black versus white encounter that ends in a landslide victory for one of them.

1. Ugly Betty vs Tracy (15:54 mins)

She might be Ugly by name, but there's nothing hideous about newcomer Ugly Betty, a slim and attractive black girl who clearly isn't afraid to jump in at the deep end, here taking on longtime veteran Tracy Thunder, a woman in her forties who has been wrestling for years.

Fought entirely naked, the two combatants are striving to straddle each other, and for a while it looks as if Betty has enough power and determination to cope with the pro. However, Tracy's stubbornness is legendary and a tiring Betty cannot put her away, though she does enjoy her share of dominance, at one point trapping the veteran in a long and humiliating facesit pin.
Tracy Thunder
height 160
age 22
weight 51
country United Kingdom
cup size A
Ugly Betty
height 173
age 23
weight 60
country United Kingdom
cup size B