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Tracy vs Larra (11:59)

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United Kingdom

Festelle started life by offering quality footage of competitive female wrestling, and it's a tradition that happily continues today. These five matches, each just over ten minutes in length, are fought in the nude and feature some genuine competition between women of various skill level. Tracy and Larra know what they're doing, and their action is either fast and furious or at a total deadlock as they try to squeeze each other out. Tracy's vast experience is a fine antidote for Larra's skill, youth and sheer power. Larra returns in a tough match with beautiful Czech girl Nikita, one that swings each way before extra time is needed for a verdict. Then Nikita must fight Tracy in an entertaining match that proves a good wrestling lesson for one of them. The focus then switches to newcomers - Natalie and Adreena take each other on in a match that includes scissoring, headlocks, attempted pins, a full nelson and even a winning surfboard-type hold. This is a matter of pride for these girls who put their newly learned skills to the ultimate test. Concluding matters is a semi-competitive contest that sees Natalie return to grapple with gorgeous glamour girl Holly, who might in another life have been a Playboy bunny. Though not as fiercely contested as the others, it's a fine showcase for the bodies of both these beautiful girls as they bend, stretch and squeeze each other.

1. Tracy vs Larra (11:59 mins)

Going up against the very experienced Tracy, Larra knows she will have to be at the top of her game in this all action nude wrestling contest. At the start, the big girl takes the older woman down in a move spectacular enough to have ended some matches there and then. She also plants on her strong scissors, but somehow the veteran just seems impervious to pressure or any pain from traditional wrestling holds. Sensing an opportunity, she flies back at Larra, trapping her from behind in a vicious combination hold. The latter cannot believe that the match is only five minutes old as she noisily submits in some pain. This one continues to a crushing, squeezing, breathless finale. It's obvious from the bursts of speed and the constant intensity, just how skilled and determined these two are. Lesser women would not have lasted so long.
height 173
age 31
weight 63
country United Kingdom
cup size C
Tracy Thunder
height 160
age 22
weight 51
country United Kingdom
cup size A