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#3098 article number: CV107-01

Theresa vs Lori (06:55)

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Catfights (extreme)

USA / Canada








The ever-popular 'Video Magazine' series continue to get better and better, with No.8 continuing the trend. There are no less than five real fights, all of them very savage and very real, each lasting about ten minutes, and with the final one a topless fist fight. In each case neither hellcat will back down until she is forced into defeat by a better woman.

This is a chance to see tough, red-blooded streetfighters in action, and those of you who bought 'Crystal Preview 4' may like to know that the fight under the opening title, between Laurie and Therese, is one of those featured here.

There is also a very sensual three-part nude oil fight from 'California Wildcats' featuring two lovely and utterly physical young women. There is a haunting sexuality about this bout which many of you will find powerfully erotic. There's also a staged catfight - a bar-room brawl this time - and some boxing from Europe.

No 'Video Magazine' would of course be complete without some nostalgic material and No 8 is no exception although there is rather less of it than normal.

This Video Magazine gets off to a crunching start as Theresa takes on Lori. Within seconds Theresa land repeated full fist blows straight to Lori's face but despite this she keeps going and this short but intense battle proves to be one of the finest on the tape!
Theresa (CV)
height 167
age -
weight 62
country Canada
cup size B