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Shelly vs Micksta Part 1 (21:19)

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Mixed Fights








United Kingdom

Micksta the grappler has a complaint against Festelle. He arrives at the studios to complain that all the breast smothering recordings are fake and that no guy could so easily be beaten by a big-breasted woman. He's about to be taught a valuable lesson.

1. Part Shelly vs Micksta (21:19 mins)

On arriving at the Festelle studios Micksta is met by Shelly who is dressed in tights, bra and shirt. Micksta claims the matches are fake and that he couldn't be breast smothered.

So Shelly shows Micksta her lethal assets. Still not impressed so Shelly decides she'd show him how good the Festelle girls are and is soon smothering the doubtful Micksta with her huge breasts.
height 163
age 28
weight 64
country United Kingdom
cup size D