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Sammy-Jane vs Tigger (09:57)

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United Kingdom

In a Festelle bonanza for fans of topless female boxing, here we present no less than five scintillating contests between women of varying skill. All but the first of these matches is fully competitive, while the former presents something we haven't seen much of before - topless high-heeled boxing fought in see through stockings. It is busty Sammy-Jane and Tigger that contest this one, both of these well built ladies strutting around in heels, and one eventually succumbing to a volley of punches from her rival. The action switches outdoors next as we welcome back diminutive Vixen who takes on a tall and wily Spanish rival in Poison. This one goes the distance with both girls clearly wanting to win, and has to be decided on points. Switching back indoors, we witness a remarkable match between MJay and Laura, two of Festelle's toughest white fighters, battling here with utter determination while wearing nothing but boxing gloves and their panties. Although this ends after seven minutes when one of the girls is felled by the better puncher, the aggression and number of blows landed is remarkable. Gorgeous Czech lady Natalie features in the last two matches, firstly against the beautifully tattooed Adreena and then in a classic blonde v brunette battle with big-breasted Holly. While all three girls are fairly new to boxing, this takes nothing away from their rivalry, with both encounters going the full five rounds.

1. Sammy-Jane vs Tigger (9:57 mins)

In what is probably the first of its kind, Festelle veterans Sammy-Jane and Tigger take each other on in a ten-minute bout of topless, high-heeled apartment boxing in which both wear translucent stockings. The action is fantasy driven with both of these well built ladies landing blows on the other, and both recoiling and groaning with the impact of each. They strut around the boxing mat in their heels, seeming quite comfortable with this, swinging punches into the chest, stomach and head of the other. Eventually one of them is taken out in a volley of shots, and as she lies moaning on the mat, the victor gleefully counts her out and then adopts a memorable high-heeled victory pose on top of her fallen rival.
height 160
age 24
weight 70
country United Kingdom
cup size C
height 173
age 37
weight 74
country United Kingdom
cup size D