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Samantha-Jane on Lucy (40:31)

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Pin & Straddle

panty / panty & bra



furnished apartment

tit grabbing

facesitting (clothing)

Erotic / Lesbians

stomach sitting












United Kingdom

This DVD, running well over two hours in length, concentrates on domination and erotica, and features some of Festelle's hottest and most popular girls -; including the legendary Lucy, who appears in all three. First Lucy wants revenge on Samantha-Jane, having been humiliated by her previously. At first it looks like exactly the same fate awaits -; but then desire also steps in, sending these two into moaning oblivion as Samantha-Jane sits on Lucy's face. In the second film, the sexy Sundance joins the action, and this time when the action hots up, all three take it turns to be sat on and pleasured -; all the way to a sensational three-way climax. Finally, the same three return in less friendly guise. This time tempers flare, and they bully, scrap and dominate each other until one remains prone on the carpet while the other two take their rightful positions upon her.

1. Samantha-Jane on Lucy (40:31 mins)

In this 40-minute spectacle, Lucy turns up at Samantha-Jane's house with the intention of gaining revenge for a humiliation she suffered in her last match. Despite these good intentions, it's Samantha-Jane who once again utterly humiliates the long-serving Festelle favourite. They strip topless (although Samantha-Jane's sheer panties leave little to the imagination) and in very little time, Lucy is on her back unable to shift her opponent, who teases her throughout.

Soon their attention shifts to the more erotic side of their relationship. They start by massaging each others breasts, before Samantha-Jane moves forwards and positions herself on helpless Lucy's face. Lucy pleasures the dominatrix with her tongue while stimulating herself manually, as both women's excitement mounts ...
Lucy Gresty
height 168
age 31
weight 60
country United Kingdom
cup size E
height 160
age 24
weight 70
country United Kingdom
cup size C