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Ruby vs Gabriell (1) (13:53)

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Mixed Fights








United Kingdom

There's only one thing on the minds of the two girls featured in this highly explicit mixed title - pleasure. On each occasion, hopeless boyfriend Gabriell has to be punished for not pulling his weight. First Ruby and then Red get naked and sit on his upturned face, grinding their waiting pussies into his mouth and demanding that he lick them. Gabriell is only too keen to co-operate.

1. Part Ruby vs Gabriell (13:53 mins)

Ruby, looking stunning in her purple lingerie, is displeased to find Gabriell sunbathing when he ought to be washing up. The lazy male refuses to budge, so she does the decent thing and sits on his face. Piece by piece, her underwear comes off, and all Gabriell can do is thoroughly lick her as she grinds sensuously on his face.

Comment: Ruby facesits a hapless male outside and gets a thorough licking.
height 163
age 18
weight 63
country United Kingdom
cup size A