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#6433 article number: M113 - 2

Robert vs Lucy & Axa (50:19)

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Mixed Fights










United Kingdom

There can be few sights more arresting than that of Festelle's killer blondes Lucy and Axa kissing and caressing one another, topless, on the mat. That's how this one starts, Lucy bemoaning the fact that her husband Robert ignores her needs and instead spends most of his time in the pub. She even states that Robert never licks her nipples, but Axa is only too keen to oblige. Soon both women are massaging each other, kissing and sucking nipples, and running hands over buttocks and between legs. Their thongs come off as the heat between them rises, but it's at this point that Robert returns from the pub. Insulting Axa, he immediately earns Lucy's wrath. She gets to her feet, headlocks her hapless husband and drags him to the mat.

Axa at once gets involved, the nude duo pinning him to the floor. Lucy dangles her big breasts in his face, payback for his refusal to worship them previously. As he lies there, protesting but completely helpless, they take it in turns to sit on his face, humiliating and smothering him while deriving as much sexual pleasure for themselves from his struggles as possible.

Both girls also use their feet, shoving their soles into his face, and forcing him to lick them. Robert may be protesting but he seems only too keen to comply, especially when it comes to fondling their breasts. After a long period of dominance, they release and dismiss the humbled man, returning to their own girl-on-girl intimacy.
height 165
age 26
weight 63
country United Kingdom
cup size B
Lucy Gresty
height 168
age 31
weight 60
country United Kingdom
cup size E