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Rob vs Michelle 1/3 (15:19)

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United Kingdom

In two extra special, extra long matches, long-haired Rob finds out for himself just what it's like to be totally overwhelmed on the mat by two clearly superior females. Rob has been here before, losing in landslide defeats to numerous Festelle girls, but clearly he still hasn't learnt his lesson. Tall Brazilian girl Michelle is up first. A sight for sore eyes in her white swimsuit, boots and gloves, Michelle takes her time with her hopeless male opponent, but eventually has him submitting in an endless stream of head and body scissor holds, plus some neck cranks from behind and a couple of full nelsons. Rob offers only token resistance and never challenges Michelle's dominance. He might have wished he'd had a bit more training when he takes on the very skilled and experienced Tracy in his next match, an even longer ordeal for Rob, and one that features one of the highest numbers of submissions we've ever filmed. Scissors, headlocks, surfboard, humiliating girl-on-guy pins and an orgy of imaginative combination holds are on Tracy's agenda - and she looks stunning putting them into practice. Due to their length, each match is divided into three parts on the DVD.

1. Part Rob vs Michelle (15:19 mins)

In a marathon 39-minute match, long-haired wrestler Rob takes on tall, Brazilian beauty Michelle in a protracted one-sided marathon of girl-on-guy domination. Rob offers only token resistance to Michelle's many holds. His female opponent wears a white swimsuit, boots and gloves during her bid to slowly but surely take apart Rob in front of the camera.
height 180
age 21
weight 68
country United Kingdom
cup size B