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#5892 article number: FV291 - 1

Rachel vs Jojo (20:27)

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legspread pin

head scissors

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United Kingdom

As the title suggests, this one is all about one particular thing - constriction, strangulation, choking! Two themed matches intended especially for those that enjoy this one hold (not technically legal in wrestling, so a rarity on camera), both encounters feature the very sexy, sandy-haired Jojo - and her role in each match is very different. First of all she is the victim in a nude match with buoyant, tanned beauty Rachel who not only strangles her in neck locks, but also gets her fit, firm legs around her neck, crushing her in a figure-four neck scissors. Jojo's desperate gasping for air and contorted facial expressions are thoroughly convincing. Next she's up against Roxy Blue, an attractive redhead, in a topless encounter. This time, it's Jojo that's calling the shots as she traps and throttles her opponent in a serious of ever more humiliating holds.

1. Rachel vs Jojo (20:27 mins)

Fought nude from the outset, it's also clear from the opening exchanges who's in control of this choking-themed match. Rachel, with her brown hair, athletic and toned body and exceptionally sculpted breasts, is a Festelle favourite, and here she has total choking rights over the equally popular Jojo. She starts by choking her from a rear standing position and then takes her down to the mat, where the torture continues.

Jojo's coughing and helpless facial expressions are extremely convincing as she suffers, and that's before Rachel transfers her to a figure-four neck scissors. Rachel pushes down on her own ankle to tighten the hold, but she finishes up by taking Jojo out in a chinlock and neck bar, as the weakening blonde lies prone on her back.
height 168
age 25
weight 63
country United Kingdom
cup size C
height 157
age 30
weight 59
country United Kingdom
cup size C