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#6203 article number: E131 - 3

Princess Lia vs Princess Zena (21:03)

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Sex Grabs

panty / panty & bra



dressed --> topless


topless --> nude

dressed --> nude


furnished apartment

apartment mats

tit grabbing


crotch grabbing

Erotic / Lesbians

pussy eating









United Kingdom

This is a sex attack match to whet the appetite of anyone who enjoys the genre and also has a penchant for fit and fabulous black girls. Here two of them line up, wearing only their panties, to do battle on the mats for our pleasure. Lia is slightly the larger and with particularly big and shapely breasts, and unusually approaches this match wearing boots. Zena -; though somewhat lighter -; looks nothing less than an athlete, with a gorgeous body and face.

When these two get down to business on the mat, grabbing handfuls of each other's breasts, reaching between legs in a bid to humiliate and to highlight their dominance, it's best not to look away for a second. First it's Lia, with her powerful thighs and upper body, taking the advantage, and then its fit Zena coming back strongly, her lustrous locks of hair sashaying sensually around her body as she tries to get her way. They also both pull off each other's panties, ending the match completely nude (except for Lia's boots!). There's plenty of boob-squeezing and pussy slapping, with one of these fine black amazons fully in control by the end.
Princess Lia
height 160
age 22
weight 67
country United Kingdom
cup size D
Princess Zena
height 160
age 21
weight 57
country United Kingdom
cup size B