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Pippa the Ripper vs Steve (11:10)

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Mixed Fights








United Kingdom

This action-packed DVD features no less than eight tough and evenly fought non-topless mixed wrestling encounters. The men here don't just roll over and surrender, they fight back, but are all too often countered effectively by their sexy female rivals. Look out for scissors, pins, headlocks and every combination hold in the book.

1. Pippa the Ripper vs Steve (11:10 mins)

Clad in tight pink top and hotpants, Pippa is a trim and athletic wrestler, but she certainly has her hands full with Steve, who is not only much bigger than her, but a very good wrestler. Slowly but surely she picks him apart, withstands the holds he puts on her, and wins a superb submission via a muscular head scissors.

Comment: Small girl beats bigger man in evenly fought non-topless wrestling.
Pippa the Ripper
height 165
age 27
weight 58
country United Kingdom
cup size B