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Phoebe vs Nikita (12:43)

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United Kingdom

If the idea of seeing attractive young women wrestling topless in relentless, unscripted action appeals, then this particular title should be on your 'buy it now' list! Filmed at Festelle's studios, this is determined fight action from start to finish, and as two of the matches feature a young, 20-year-old English girl taking on opponents from the Czech Republic, it also brings with it the extra edge that international competition evokes. Nikita, 30, is the star of the show, a beautiful Czech girl with a perfect body that knows how to fight. She's up against determined English girl Phoebe in an exhausting and tense match that will have any lover of topless female fight action transfixed. While Phoebe is ultimately overcome, the English flag flies on as she returns immediately to wrestle Natalie, a slightly smaller but sensationally sexy Czech. The action is so tight and competitive that the identity of the winner is anyone's guess – but a winner there is. A final topless encounter is provided by two Brits, MJay and Lolly, and if anything this one is even better. With both women scoring multiple submissions, there is both intense rivalry and emotion, plus eye-watering scissor holds and cries of pain and determination. This classic match really does have everything, and certainly establishes bragging rights for one of these superb grapplers.

1. Phoebe vs Nikita (12:43 mins)

Competitive topless wrestling between newcomers does not get any more intense than this. Here we're treated to a classic encounter between blonde English girl Phoebe and exquisite brunette Nikita, who hails from the Czech Republic. From the moment these girls disrobe before us, it's clear what a tightly contested match this is going to be. Phoebe is obviously strong and determined, but if anything Nikita is slightly fitter and has the edge on Phoebe in terms of speed, both of mind and body. Although Phoebe finds ways of taking Nikita down, it is the gorgeous Czech woman that usually manages to come out on top, often frustrating her opponent with a variety of pins. There's a captivating and highly intimate struggle between them at one point, with Nikita desperately trying to pull off a grapevine pin, and Phoebe doing everything in her power to frustrate her. Tense and closely fought competitive wrestling.
height 170
age 27
weight 60
country United Kingdom
cup size B
height 170
age 20
weight 68
country United Kingdom
cup size B