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Natalie vs Larra (17:01)

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Black vs Withe




studio mats

mud / oil

tit grabbing

crotch grabbing

Erotic / Lesbians


body scissors










United Kingdom

When it comes to naming Festelle's sexiest ever DVD, there have been several contenders over the years, and this is certainly one of them. Four pairs of girls - of differing size and ethnic background - come together on the mats to enjoy sensual action and mutual stimulation with each other - each nude and slick with baby oil. The wrestling is light and interspersed with massage, breast squeezing and intimate touching. By the end of each encounter, the emphasis has shifted almost completely away from wrestling and onto lesbian erotica. There's plenty of tussling and wrestling holds exchanged in the first two encounters, both of which feature buxom Larra as she firstly enjoys getting to grips with the attractive Natalie from the Czech Republic, and then with Shakira, a girl of similar build to herself. Scissors and pins are exchanged before erotic impulses take over. The Amy's excitement almost boils over as she and Jessica Jensen (formerly known as Emma) enjoy one another. This one goes further still, the girls sucking nipples and driving their hips together in frantic sexual action. There's some light-hearted tussling between Cherry Bomb and Amy, before they too succumb to pleasure, and tattooed wildcat Cherry is more than a handful for Amy, the enthusiasm of both girls spilling over as they pleasure each other with mouths and fingers.

1. Natalie vs Larra (17:01 mins)

Natalie, a beautiful girl from the Czech Republic, is up against Larra, a larger girl in what starts off as a light wrestling encounter in oil. Slipping and sliding around the mat, the giggling and squealing girls do succeed in putting each other in a variety of holds - all of which are captured by the camera at interesting and revealing angles - but it seems from an early stage that these girls have interests in one another beyond competition. Before long they intersperse their wrestling with caresses and breast squeezing, before the excitement gets too much and they begin rubbing between their own legs. By the time this one ends, they have lost themselves in mutual, oily pleasure.
height 173
age 31
weight 63
country United Kingdom
cup size C
height 163
age 30
weight 47
country United Kingdom
cup size B