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#5924 article number: E123 - 1

Mjay vs Larra (29:52)

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United Kingdom

These three specialist matches are united by the theme of boots -; specifically of one more aggressive girl's determination to pull off the black leather boots being worn by her opponent. First of all, Mjay -; a real prospect -; makes mincemeat of the much bigger Larra, stripping and humiliating her in a themed and totally one-sided contest. We not only get to see Mjay in total control, pulling and twisting at those boots, but we also get to enjoy the sight of her going topless. Then glamour girls Demi and Kat get to work in an even more one-sided bout, Demi humiliating the boot-wearing Kat and twisting those offending shoes off. Finally, Chloe and Cayman -; both wearing boots -; settle matters between them, both eventually getting naked and one proving herself queen of the boot-wearers.

1. Mjay vs Larra (29:52 mins)

In this especially themed contest, we see an enraged Mjay determined to remove the knee-high leather boots worn by Larra. The latter is savaged throughout by the sexy woman in black lingerie, who decides to go topless after several minutes. Make no mistake -; Mjay is a big hitter (just witness her determination as a competitive wrestler in FV283) and Larra, though larger, has no chance.

Mjay strips her right down to a g-string, pins her against the wall and eventually prizes off those black boots. Some foot worship and crotch grabbing follows, before Mjay -; totally in control -; even allows the pleading Larra to put the boots back on for a short while.
height 173
age 31
weight 63
country United Kingdom
cup size C
height 170
age 31
weight 66
country United Kingdom
cup size B