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Lush vs Ivy (13:38)

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Catfights (extreme)



panty / panty & bra


bathing suits

furnished apartment

head punsching

body punching





heavy hairpulling

tit grabbing


head scissors

body scissors









United Kingdom

The latest DVD from the UK's Catz Club comprises three excellent matches, all of very different tempo, style and extremity. Lush and Ivy are two of the club's most popular girls and here they clash for the first time in anger. The match becomes more aggressive as it goes on, with pins being sought for scoring, but very few holds barred. While it has to be called off for medical reasons after ten minutes, there are no such problems for Ruby when she fights Lush in an all-out catfight in the next match. A sexy newcomer, Ruby's height gives her an advantage over Lush, but the 22-year-old refuses to surrender in this tour de force of hairpulling and attitude. Finally, for those who admire the slightly larger lady, Louise and Taz have a short but brutally aggressive fight in the final encounter. That this has to be stopped before its allotted time is complete will come as no surprise when you witness the unbelievable intensity of this fleshy fracas.

1. Lush vs Ivy (13:38 mins)

This is an intriguing contest between two of the younger girls that fight for Catz Club. Lush and Ivy have both had experience of such contests, with pins to decide the winner, and come with the kind of cocksure attitude they need to succeed against their rival. This one starts out with the kind of equality you'd expect from these two well matched young females, but as soon as one scores a pin, the aggression levels are cranked up, especially from the girl who has fallen behind as she tries desperately to level the score. The girls pull hair with frustration, and the pin count does continue to mount despite these efforts. Unfortunately, after about 10 minutes of fighting, the match has to be stopped for medical reasons. The pre and post-fight interviews provide interesting insight.
height 154
age 21
weight 50
country United Kingdom
cup size B
height 165
age 19
weight 57
country United Kingdom
cup size C