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#3313 article number: CVS4 - 1

Lucy vs Melody (11:04)

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Catfights (hard)

USA / Canada


panty / panty & bra

regular clothing

mini skirt / mini dress

pantyhose / tights

dressed --> topless


topless --> nude

dressed --> nude


apartment mats


tit grabbing

titfight - breast to breast



body scissors









United States

"I Love Lucy!" Is it just me guys? Or, is there just something about Lucy that is very Sexy. Yes. It's not that our Asian Hostess (Did I say Hostess?) Melody is not sexy, 'cause she is. They both get into their catfighting outfits for us, yielding glimpses of breasts while slipping into their bras and such, and they both go up the stairs to the apartment the fight takes place in. I enjoyed watching them climb up there with all that sexy hip rocking 'N rolling action. There is just something about Lucy's legs and "Black Booty" that, well, I Love Lucy. It has been everyone's fantasy in catfightland to see a Real Catfight between Black and Asian women. It remains a fantasy. Sorry, but this is "Glamour Erotic Catfighting" between two very sexy women. Not Real Catfighting. You know that times are good when you find yourself apologizing for an erotic catfight between Black and Asian girlz! It is very well acted and at times appears even competitive. There are lots of great visually exciting moments in this erotic catfight that has both women stripped down to their birthday suits by the end of the match. There is SERIOUS BREAST COMPETITION between these naturally endowed girlz, and that brings me to the best sexually erotic moment on the whole video: When after much breast grabbing and hairpulling-rolling-around action on the ground, Melody winds up on top of Lucy in a "Full Asian On Black Tit To Tightly Pressed Tit Battle" for dominance. Good for what ails you! Loads of Tit Grabbing action with a choking win ending. What else can I say'
height 156
age 2016
weight 53
country United States
cup size B
height 158
age 2016
weight 61
country United States
cup size B