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Lucy vs George (35:21)

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Mixed Fights








United Kingdom

George is sitting reading a magazine and harming nobody when Lucy comes slinking in, clad only in her black underwear and complaining of feeling randy.

Poor George is too slow to respond and before he knows where he is he's flat on his back staring up at Lucy's panties! Then Lucy's top comes off followed by George's trunks before the now naked male submits himself to another bout of face-sitting. Lucy is really aroused now so off come her panties and George gets a real faceful. However, he consoles himself by giving Lucy's jutting breasts a good rub, much to her enjoyment. By this time George is as hard as a real man should be, a fact that isn't lost on her but it's George's tongue which really sends her into seventh heaven...
Lucy Gresty
height 168
age 31
weight 60
country United Kingdom
cup size E