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#7338 article number: M140 - 1

Lucy & Tigger vs Robert - part 1 (24:41)

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Mixed Fights











United Kingdom

Two storyline sessions involving Robert who is a regular visitor to the Festelle studios. Robert likes to create little storylines to his sessions and he has a keen eye for a gorgeous lady.

1. Part Lucy & Tigger vs Robert (24:41 mins)

Tigger arrives at Lucy's house and offers to give Lucy some wrestling lessons so that she can sort out her man. They start dressed in mini skirts and tight tops, but soon work up a little sweat and start to take off their clothes. Tigger shows Lucy plenty of moves to control her man, but it's clear the two of them are enjoying this. Robert arrives as the girls are naked and locked up together and mocks them for trying to wrestle. That's where things start for Robert and under the guidance of Tigger, Lucy starts to take him down and control him. Lucy is doing fine, but Tigger wants to join in so they gang up on him.
Lucy Gresty
height 168
age 31
weight 60
country United Kingdom
cup size E
height 173
age 37
weight 74
country United Kingdom
cup size D