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Lucy & Sammy vs Robert (31:07)

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Mixed Fights










United Kingdom

Two lessons on the evil of strong drink!

1. Lucy & Sammy vs Robert (31:07 mins)

Robert likes to visit the pub rather too much for Lucy's liking, and the scene opens with Lucy astride poor Robert, giving him a piece of her mind. The poor fellow has to take what she dishes out until Sammy comes to his rescue. She accuses Lucy of being unfair to him, and soon the luscious pair are embroiled in a fight of their own!

Then, to complicate matters they start to turn each other on, but not before they're completely naked. Then Robert, silly fellow, still insists that he is going for a drink which of course enrages both women. They pull him down, trap him, straddle him, and generally dish out the treatment that he so richly deserves.
Lucy Gresty
height 168
age 31
weight 60
country United Kingdom
cup size E
Sammy M.
height 157
age 30
weight 57
country United Kingdom
cup size B