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Lucy & Rachel vs Nick (50:57)

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United Kingdom

A man whose sexist attitudes need addressing, the three ladies on show here have plenty of opportunities to do all that and more. In a 51 minute opener, Nick falls foul of experienced glamour model Lucy and the younger and equally sexy Rachel. They delight in pinning him to the floor, stripping off and taking it in turns to sit on his face. Nick is reduced to a mumbling, groaning, incoherent mess, as the ladies assert their girl power. He fares little better against Sammy M. The topless (and eventually, nude) blonde isn't getting what she wants from Nick and she sure lets him know. She dominates him in a series of facesit and scissor holds, even using her breasts to smother his face when she tires of his complaining. Don't expect competition - this is girls on top all the way.

1. Lucy & Rachel vs Nick (50:57 mins)

Gruff of voice and grey of hair, chauvinist Nick really does have a problem in this one-sided 51 minute marathon of domination. In fact, make that two problems. When he refuses to hand over the car keys so that model Lucy can drive to her latest shoot, he soon finds himself forced onto the floor with the divine Lucy pinning him in place, forcing his head between her stockinged legs.

Before long, her friend Rachel - a younger aspiring model with tanned skin and perfectly sculpted breasts - also wants a piece of the action. Between them they thoroughly humiliate the trapped male, taking it in turns to sit on him.

To further embarrass him, they gradually take off all of their clothes, and when even that doesn't close his protests down, they start to remove his own clothes too. You're left with the sight of two heavenly female bodies utterly destroying a uselessly moaning older male.
Lucy Gresty
height 168
age 31
weight 60
country United Kingdom
cup size E
height 157
age 30
weight 59
country United Kingdom
cup size C