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Lucretia vs Nick (30:23)

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Mixed Fights








United Kingdom

The incredibly foolhardy Nick is once again taking the women in his life for granted, and is rightly being made to suffer as a result. While Nick is relaxing on the mats, girlfriend Lucretia is outside cleaning his car, and she-;s none too pleased to find him wasting time indoors. An apology doesn-;t seem to be forthcoming, so the experienced Festelle wrestler attacks him with all she-;s got - and that-;s a lot. Fans will be pleased to know that Lucretia quickly loses all of her clothes in the process! Nick gets wrapped up in all sorts of holds and spends much of his time with the naked tattooed goddess perched on his face. "This is just a temporary setback,” he foolishly blurts, leading Lucretia to administer even more punishment.

height 165
age 25
weight 58
country United Kingdom
cup size B