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Kassidy vs Nikita (16:31)

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Rubber Gloves










United Kingdom

This is for fans of the recurring "Black vs. White" theme that Festelle specialises in. In no less than 3 black vs. white matches some of the hottest and sexiest women around tried to find out who is stronger. Proud Czech Amazon Nikita enters the mat to wrestle black Kassidy, possibly Europe's strongest female wrestler at present. A hard wrestling lesson for the Czech beauty as she learns that weight and power aren't enough to win a wrestling contest. Ultra hot blonde cutie Shay more than once finds herself pinned, scissored and overwhelmed by the smaller but stronger black grappler Reeny. And you can see Shay's perfect body in action again when she battles cute Czech Natalie in a very close white vs. white match. Big-breasted blonde glamour model Cherry is sure that she can defeat a black woman. Starting with an arm wrestling contest at home Cherry and her black friend Candy want to find out who is the better wrester. In all these matches you see not only lovely bodies of beautiful women in combat, but also rubber gloves being worn throughout.

1. Kassidy vs Nikita (16:31 mins)

Proud fitness actress Nikita from the Czech Republic wasn't very impressed when she heard that black Amazon Kassidy was undefeated. Even though Nikita was new to wrestling she makes Kassidy wrestle her fully competitively. Both girls wear rubber gloves and bikinis and Kassidy uses her experience and her upper body strength to overpower Nikita right from the start. After a short break Kassidy continues to dominate her Czech opponent. Nikita fights very well for a beginner, but Kassidy is just stronger. After being totally defeated Nikita learns that it takes much more to win a wrestling contest than just power and weight.
height 180
age 27
weight 67
country United Kingdom
cup size B
height 170
age 27
weight 60
country United Kingdom
cup size B