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Kassidy vs Lucy (20:40)

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Mud and Oil












United Kingdom

Oil wrestling is arguably female combat at its absolute sexiest. On this DVD it is rendered sexier still, as all matches are between black and white girls, meaning the sight of their scantily clad bodies shimmering in the oil is even more of a ripe and arousing contrast as black flesh struggles against white. For those girls who are less expert wrestlers, the oil can provide a slippery escape route, while the more experienced know that the sheen it gives to their body is going to make them look even more stunning and athletic as they ensnare and toy with their opponent. It starts with a one-sided classic, as Kassidy torments glamour girl Lucy, putting her into every hold you can think of, along with several for which there are no name! The look on Lucy's face as Kassidy annihilates her is priceless. Ebony versus Lilly is another joy to behold, both these very attractive young women using their strengths to the best of their ability before a clear winner emerges, and then busty Cherry proves to be far too slow and inflexible to have any chance of repelling an eager Candy, this last match being fought entirely nude.

1. Kassidy vs Lucy (20:40 mins)

Fans of both experienced Festelle glamour puss Lucy and awesome black wrestler Kassidy are going to love this one. Here you'll not only see their two glorious bodies slithering around in hot oil, but you'll see Lucy's lovely form stretched, contorted and punished as never before. It starts off with both girls wearing bikinis, and after some arm wrestling they don rubber gloves and begin the sexy process of 'oiling up' - with a little help from the director. The wrestling is then a tour de force for strong Kassidy, as she puts Lucy into a scissors, a pin and a head scissors all within the first minute.

Even though Kassidy is only wrestling at half her potential strength, the look of concern on Lucy's face as she is pulled into every imaginable position is clear. Powerless to keep her magnificent breasts from popping out of her top, she soon stops trying and discards it altogether. The one-sided domination intensifies, Kassidy dragging her up into a crab, squashing and folding her like an industrial crushing machine compacting a car. The anguish on Lucy's face says it all as she is demolished in the oil.
height 180
age 27
weight 67
country United Kingdom
cup size B
Lucy Gresty
height 168
age 31
weight 60
country United Kingdom
cup size E