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#6286 article number: M106 - 2

Kassidy vs Andrew (15:37)

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Mixed Fights








United Kingdom

Andrew looks like the proverbial lamb to the slaughter as he dares to share mat space with Kassidy, one of the tallest, strongest and most dangerous female wrestlers in the UK. Kassidy is so potent that it's actually very difficult to find suitable female opponents for her - they're out there, but they're few and far between. On her days off, there's nothing she likes more than destroying male opponents, and that's exactly what she does here. As Andrew pathetically moans, Kassidy uses her full repertoire of holds and sheer physical strength to utterly overwhelm him. Her long, thickly muscled legs ripple as she scissors him again and again. She headlocks, twists and bends him, folding him up like a piece of paper within a boston crab. Her combination holds stretch him to rarely seen extremes, and Andrew can offer nothing but token resistance. This is, naturally, a one-way female on male wrestling domination - 15 minutes of brutal holds.
height 180
age 27
weight 67
country United Kingdom
cup size B