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Kami vs Veta (15:04)

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Catfights (extreme)












Russian Federation

The latest instalment from Russian Catfights may be slightly less savage than usual, but is every bit as energetic and competitive. Here, rather than slapping each other and pulling hair, the girls wrestle competitively in either bikinis or revealing underwear. This being Russian Catfights of course, things aren't quite that simple - all the girls here take every opportunity to grab hold of and maul their opponent's breasts. Some even go further, pinching buttocks and even digging at the other girl's most sensitive zones. All matches are fought in a tightly enclosed apartment setting, meaning that the combatants are locked together like feral cats almost without respite throughout each 15-minute encounter. Kami features in the first two contests, and while she may not be the strongest or fittest of the girls, she certainly knows a few dirty tricks. As well as exposing Veta and then Asia's small breasts, she also tries to block their breathing by firmly placing a hand over their mouth. It's a tactic that works. Veta returns against Nastya, a heavier woman who eventually teaches her a sound lesson after a competitive and well fought struggle. Finally, in perhaps the most brutal of the matches in terms of breast-mauling, long-haired Cathreen takes on Marie, who comes from behind to eventually better her attractive opponent.

1. Kami vs Veta (15:04 mins)

Kami and Veta, two extremely well matched young Russian women, go head to head in an apartment based catfight. Veta wears skimpy black lingerie, while her opponent competes in grey. The action here is frenzied and contains more wrestling than some of the catfights produced from this country. Although both girls pull each other's hair, they also do their best to headlock each other and apply humiliating pins. Both girls, especially Veta, experience -;wardrobe malfunctions' as their opponent twists and stretch their struggling bodies. Their battle is long and closely fought with almost no breaks, but eventually Kami gets her opponent stretched out and seems intent on suffocating her by placing a hand over her mouth. At this point, not surprisingly, Veta submits.
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country Russian Federation
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weight 60
country Russian Federation
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