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Kami vs Tara (16:46)

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Catfights (extreme)



panty / panty & bra


apartment mats

body punching



heavy hairpulling

tit grabbing


crotch grabbing











Russian Federation

This is a DVD for those uninterested in storylines and scripts. It's a four-match card in which the girls do one thing and one thing only - fight to a finish. Each of these frantic battles is fought in a cramped apartment setting that gives those involved nowhere to hide. Each of the competitors is topless and usually clad in nothing more than panties (and even these are yanked down on occasion, so furious is the action) and all of them are out to do whatever it takes to be the only woman left standing. Kami and Tara are well matched, and kick, scream and hair pull until one is utterly dazed and nauseous. Then we meet Anne, a truly mean-spirited blonde who takes on sexy Mermaid in a monstrously tough battle that goes the distance. Anne disposes of Xana more easily, but her bully girl antics and the loser's distress and determination are sights you won't forget. Finally, Anne takes on the sexy-as-hell Molly, a fit brunette fighting as hard as she can in tight red panties. Breasts are squeezed, hair is pulled, panties torn off (briefly) and skin is clawed. It's a clash of flesh, fitness and female pride between two of the most closely matched young women you're ever likely to see in this type of contest.

1. Kami vs Tara (16:46 mins)

Before we can even draw breath, the blows from these two topless females are raining down as each looks for a quick advantage. This is ferocious, no holds barred fighting between young women who only want to win. Kami, wearing black panties, appears somewhat the more vicious and slightly better able to absorb lots of pain, but Tara - her slim and fit looking opponent, clearly has some basic wrestling skills in her armoury. On more than one occasion when she and Kami go to ground, she traps her opponent in a great looking head scissors, while the punching, clawing and hairpulling continues at pace. Kami knows the meaning of the word 'catfight' however, and she leaves no stone unturned in her bid to devastate her opponent, even clawing at the soft region between her legs. There's nothing this girl won't do to win in this nasty, all-action spat from Russia.
height 168
age -
weight 59
country Russian Federation
cup size B
height 167
age -
weight 60
country Russian Federation
cup size A