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John vs Shay & Reeny (30:37)

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United Kingdom

While clearly game, John is not what you might call the most assertive of male wrestlers, and in choosing to take on firstly the tag team duo of Shay and Reeny, and then tattooed fitness girl Adreena, he has effectively committed himself to an hour of one-sided punishment. All three of these girls most definitely know their place – that place unquestionably being on top. John is quickly brought down to size by Shay, a stunning blonde clad in a sexy Supergirl bikini, who soon has him moaning and groaning in scissor holds and a grapevine pin. Then black girl Reeny does likewise, and before long both girls are working him over together. With Shay perched on his face and Reeny scissoring him, John's date with this sultry double has ended in humiliation. Perhaps thinking he might cope better by taking on just one of the Festelle females, John soon has this illusion shattered by Adreena, a flexible and athletic girl with a superb reverse head scissors. Adreena looks supremely confident as she wraps those long, fit legs around her hopeless male opponent, each time drawing groans of dismay and pain. She ends it with some long facesit-style pins, John finishing up as a man demolished by a girl half his age.

1. John vs Shay & Reeny (30:37 mins)

Introduced as a tag match, this turns out to be nothing less than a one-sided demolition of a hapless male who has no ability to defend himself from the tidal wave of sexy female power that confronts him. Gorgeous blonde Shay looks exquisite in her Supergirl bikini, and soon John is seeing far more of it, and of her, than he bargained for, as she squashes, crushes, stretches and scissors him. From sitting on his chest and shoulders, her cupped breasts tantalisingly close to his face, to drawing him out into an agonising grapevine, Shay is totally in control – and that's before black girl Reeny even gets involved!

Needless to say, Reeny's assaults turn out to be every bit as comprehensive, and before long the impatient girls are attacking him together. As Reeny scissors him or folds his legs up, Shay pins him schoolgirl fashion, or towards the end ignores his pleas of submission as she lavishes an armbar and head scissors combination on his protesting frame. It's a humiliating ordeal as John is destroyed by a pair of girls half his age.
height 175
age 22
weight 57
country United Kingdom
cup size B
height 170
age 22
weight 63
country United Kingdom
cup size C