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#6455 article number: FV-LGF14 - 3

Jessica Jensen v Cherry Bomb (19:59)

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Loser Gets Fucked


studio mats

tit grabbing

LGF - loser gets fucked




head scissors

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United Kingdom

These two have come together before, when Jessica Jensen was known as Emma, and when Cherry Bomb was sporting a much shorter hairstyle. Things were steaming hot even then, with Cherry - being a girl who loves to play with glamorous females - getting to not only grapple with gorgeous Jessica in the nude, but also getting to have sex with her at the end, a fantasy come true for any red-blooded bisexual or lesbian. Here we bring the duo together once again, this time on the Festelle mats, and needless to say events are as fraught and passionate as ever, as the two wrestle naked to decide who will get fucked and who will do the fucking. Cherry, it's fair to say, will be delighted with any outcome.

Her earlier mastery of Amy Latina shows what pleasure she takes in being in control, but her passion for Jessica will ensure excitement for her whatever the outcome. Both girls give their all - rolling, scissoring, and pinning as tensions rise. We won't ruin the ending, but let's just say that it is every bit as steamy a release for these fighting, frolicking females as any of their previous encounters. Expect stunning erotic action between two of the most enthusiastic girls on the UK scene.
Emma / Jessica Jensen
height 165
age 20
weight 52
country United Kingdom
cup size B
Cherry Bomb
height 163
age 25
weight 54
country United Kingdom
cup size B