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Jayda vs Nikita (12:08)

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United Kingdom

Bringing together both experienced wrestlers and plucky newcomers, this five-match DVD pits black girls against white girls in some ultra-competitive and gruelling wrestling bouts. Only one match can be described as 'themed', the other four are all about genuine determination and desire to be the better woman. The themed match pits tough black newcomer Jayda against the gorgeous Shay in a one-way fight in which both girls wear nothing but rubber gloves. It's a showcase of humiliating holds, with Jayda in control throughout. The promising black girl finds things much harder in her nude clashes with stunning brunette Nikita and strong girl Larra, but nevertheless gives an excellent account of herself and very nearly upsets the form book. Nikita belies her slim frame with some determined and intelligent wrestling, while Larra is all about brute power and explosions of speed. Her match with Jayda is pure attitude and the same can be said for 20-year-old blonde beauty Phoebe, a real emerging talent, who takes her black opponent Michelle apart on the mats. It's then down to veteran MJay, who is in amazing form right now, to take on Michelle herself. As hard as the solidly built black woman tries in this topless encounter, MJay is too fit and too wily a character on the mats for her to deal with. Crushing scissors, head cranks and sexy pins win the day for the resolute MJay.

1. Jayda vs Nikita (12:08 mins)

In this tense nude wrestling encounter, nothing is staged or scripted. It's a classic black versus white encounter, pitting newcomer Jayda, a strong and curvaceous black girl against slim brunette Nikita from the Czech Republic. It is quite clear that Jayda is physically stronger and heavier than her opponent, and for a while this looks like becoming the deciding factor. However, Nikita is every bit as elegant a fighter as she is a woman. When Jayda gets on top of her - which she does, all too often - the beautiful European girl does not panic. She slowly manages to worm her way out of nearly all situations, and by the end of this nude encounter Jayda is the one starting to look more tired. Headlocks, pins and scissors all make themselves felt in this closely contested match that leaves one a narrow winner and the other with a disappointed look on her face.
height 168
age 19
weight 70
country United Kingdom
cup size B
height 170
age 27
weight 60
country United Kingdom
cup size B