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#6378 article number: FV-LGF10 - 1

Jayda vs Candy (18:49)

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Loser Gets Fucked


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United Kingdom

This one might well be regarded as Festelle's clash of the titans. It features two of our toughest black girls - the almost unbeatable Candy against the almost unbeatable Jayda. Talk about a rock and a hard place. To make matters even more intense, this one is fought nude from start to finish, and the stakes are high - the loser will be getting fucked by the winner. As expected it's cagey with extended standing grapples as both these strong women look for a slight advantage.

When they finally do go to the mat, it's Jayda that seems the stronger, usually trapping Candy around the waist between her thunderously muscular thighs. Not used to such treatment, Candy can only smile in a combination of amazement and confusion before - eventually - submitting. Eventually, then, it is Jayda that dons the strap-on dildo. Candy firstly straddles her, and is then taken from behind in some extended black-on-black lesbian fucking scenes.
height 168
age 19
weight 70
country United Kingdom
cup size B
height 168
age 18
weight 64
country United Kingdom
cup size B