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#6290 article number: M107 - 2

Jayda on Dave joined by Candy (29:56)

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Mixed Fights









United Kingdom

Sitting on the sofa, Dave is flicking through the TV guide looking forward to an evening of watching sport. Suddenly his gorgeous black girlfriend Jayda walks, dressed in some new underwear and anticipating an excited and appreciative boyfriend. Sadly, Dave is anything but interested in her efforts and, understandably disappointed and angered, she tears the TV guide from his hands and pushes him to the floor. Slowly stripping both him and herself, Jayda sits on his face and demands action. Helpless, Dave begins to pleasure her with his tongue.

Breathing hard with pleasure, Jayda alters position several times, and also plays with Dave's exposed private parts. After about 15 minutes, Jayda's pal Candy – wearing sexy underwear herself – walks in and, noting Jayda's enjoyment of the situation, decides to get involved. A surprised and prostrate Dave suddenly finds two naked black girls grinding away on him, taking turns to sit on his face. This half hour film, among the most explicit that Festelle has ever filmed, features Dave licking both Jayda's and Candy's pussy in extreme and lingering close-up.
height 168
age 18
weight 64
country United Kingdom
cup size B
height 168
age 19
weight 70
country United Kingdom
cup size B