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#6783 article number: CVS87 - 1

Indoor (15:29)

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Catfights (extreme)

Asian / Philippino


T-Shirt / blouse

panty / panty & bra

mini skirt / mini dress

garter belt

studio mats

head punsching

body punching





heavy hairpulling

tit grabbing

tit pulling


crotch grabbing




legspread pin

head scissors

body scissors

Four more classic catfights from Filipino ladies. These these slim Asian girls fight with an intensity and aggression not seen anywhere else in the world and they seem to revel in fighting each other.

1. Indoor (15:29 mins)

A gentleman caller has left a rose for one of the ladies. Both of them think it was left for them and a fight soon breaks out. A brief scripted catfight, in Filipino rather than English, does not alter the fact that this is a high-energy fight in the true spirit of Filipino catfights with hairpulling, screaming and full on aggressive grappling. This is one hell of a catfight with the girls starting fully clothed but soon stripping down to stocking and suspender underwear.