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#6741 article number: CVS86 - 2

Indoor - Storyline (20:22)

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Catfights (Storyline)

Catfights (extreme)

Asian / Philippino


mini skirt / mini dress

garter belt

studio mats


head punsching

body punching



heavy hairpulling

tit grabbing


crotch grabbing




head scissors

body scissors

An attempt at a scripted catfight. One lady dressed as a maid is hoovering the gym area, and there is another lady fast asleep. She hasn't been woken up by the noise of the vacumn cleaner, so the maid decides to try and steal from her. The sleeping lady wakes to find the maid rootling in her bag and is not best pleased. Not a long build-up, a minute at most, as this is all about the fight.

They start as they are dressed, but the outfits soon get removed and the battle continues in underwear and suspenders, the way Philippino fights should be. No less intense for the fact that they tried something scripted, this is a full-on catfight to the finish.