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#6340 article number: E135 - 1

Holly vs Natalie (21:07)

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T-Shirt / blouse

panty / panty & bra

dressed --> topless


topless --> nude

dressed --> nude


furnished apartment

apartment mats

titfight - breast to breast


Erotic / Lesbians

stomach sitting



legspread pin

body scissors










United Kingdom

Another ground-breakingly sexy DVD, this features four matches that combine light wrestling with intense girl-on-girl erotic activity. What makes it stand out even more is the beauty of the girls involved, with some of Festelle's hottest females showing all they've got and all they can give. The only match that resembles a truly competitive bout features busty glamour girl Holly against feline brunette Natalie. Starting the match in panties and tops, gradually the clothes come off and erotic massage and sensual holds take precedence over scissors and pins. Lucy and Red have an astonishingly erotic nude match, with Lucy in particular putting her big breasts to imaginative use, rubbing them against Red's grateful pussy. The stunning Shay loves getting intimate, and tangling with Lucy is a match from heaven for her. After much breast and pussy attention, they couple up for some spectacular scissor sex, an act that leaves Shay arching her back and crying out in pleasure. Similar excitement awaits in Shay's match up with Red, both girls teasing the other to the point of ecstasy, and just when you think it can't get hotter, Lucy decides she wants a piece of the action. With the two veterans each tonguing one of her expectant, upturned nipples, Shay can hardly bear the excitement -; and we'll bet you can't either!

1. Holly vs Natalie (21:07 mins)

If wrestling gets hotter than this, we'd like to know where! Gorgeous blonde Holly with her porn-star body and sensual, cat-like European brunette Natalie are among the sexiest ever to take to the Festelle mats. Here you'll see them not only wrestle, but get stripped naked before becoming deeply aroused and intimate with one another. The duo begin by wrestling in their panties and tops, their bodies looking great wrapped around each other. With Natalie pinned against the wall after four minutes, it is here that Holly begins to 'notice' her opponent sexually, kissing her and massaging her breasts beneath her top.

They resume wrestling topless, Holly achieving a superb matchbook style pin, with Natalie's legs pulled up and spread wide. Finally she gets her in a position to pull her panties off, a move that Natalie reciprocates a minute later. They spend the final ten minutes of this encounter wrestling in the nude, but also putting their erotic impulses to good use. Natalie's naked grapevine on Holly is a sexy moment, and the final minutes feature both girls abandoning the competitive aspect in order to massage their opponent's pussy and squeeze breasts.
height 168
age 37
weight 55
country United Kingdom
cup size B
height 163
age 30
weight 47
country United Kingdom
cup size B