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Great Gonzo vs Shay (30:34)

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United Kingdom

One of the great stalwarts of mixed wrestling, or at least of its more theatrical side, The Great Gonzo proudly bills himself as "the only man who can save world wrestling”. His frequent defeats to girls half his age and weight would suggest otherwise however, and here he takes on the breathtakingly beautiful Shay. Dark-haired Shay will delight her fans here by opting to compete in nothing but a pair of very brief, low slung panties and black socks. From a very early stage, Shay sets the tone for this match, pulling Gonzo to the floor and sitting on his face, her small feminine mound pressed against the veteran's chin.

"I've had it if you go any further,” he points out, prompting her to do just that, utterly smothering him. Gonzo does strike back, as he often does, but to a large extent Shay controls this encounter, mounting leg locks, school girl pins and many more facial smothers, only the fabric of those panties separating her nudity from the outclassed Gonzo's beaten face. Gonzo may not be able to save world wrestling, but Shay just might, and she dons his ‘Great Gonzo' hat at the end to reinforce the point. "It's not the Great Gonzo now,” she says, "It's the Great Shay!” Who are we to argue?
height 170
age 22
weight 63
country United Kingdom
cup size C