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Emma vs Cherry Bomb (16:28)

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United Kingdom

Featuring the girls from Mixed Wrestling Wales, this latest Sex Attacks DVD continues the theme of combining light wrestling action with sexual antics. The girls grapple together, but also try to gain a measure of control over the other by caressing and massaging breasts, and reaching between prone legs to rub and even probe their opponent's most intimate regions. Wrestling rarely gets any sexier than the nude encounter between Cherry Bomb -; who loves explicit action with other girls -; and her dream girl, Emma. Cherry's excitement, as they grapple and play, mounts rapidly -; as well as playing with her breasts, when she gets the chance she eagerly fingers Emma and rubs herself erotically against her. By the end, Cherry's pulse must be in overdrive. She returns for a similar match against Claudia, a strong tattooed girl, and then Emma returns to face Claudia, ending up sitting proudly on her face. The DVD concludes with another sexy coming together between Emma and Axa, two of the hottest blondes ever filmed by this company. A topless match that features much face-sitting gets even hotter when Emma rips her opponent's bikini bottoms off. They conclude matters in the nude, interspersing their grappling with frantic breast and pussy rubbing.

1. Emma vs Cherry Bomb (16:28 mins)

Wrestling rarely gets any sexier than this nude encounter, a pairing that sees Cherry Bomb, a tattooed and tomboyish girl, getting to both grapple and play with glamour girl Emma -; a fantasy come true for Cherry. Within moments of their contest starting, Cherry is grabbing hold of the blonde's magnificent breasts and putting her fingers to work between her legs. From any position of control that Cherry achieves, she cannot resist touching Emma sexually, although the blonde soon starts to give as good as she gets, even facesitting Cherry a few times, and instructing her to lick her pussy. As the match progresses, Cherry's arousal is increasingly obvious to all -; her panting and facial expressions betray her excitement and when she gets the opportunity to bring her pussy into contact with that of her opponent, she humps frantically against the blonde. When Emma is down, Cherry fingers her genuinely and ruthlessly. It ends with Emma facesitting Cherry while reaching back to stimulate the slim lesbian who is now almost overcome with excitement.
Cherry Bomb
height 163
age 25
weight 54
country United Kingdom
cup size B
Emma / Jessica Jensen
height 165
age 20
weight 52
country United Kingdom
cup size B