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Emma & Axa (23:39)

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mud / oil

Erotic / Lesbians

pussy eating


body scissors








United Kingdom

Filmed for the most part in tiny paddling pools, this is an opportunity for some of the sexiest girls in UK wrestling to simply oil up and have some sexy fun. The action here is so hot you may need to wear shades to protect your retinas! Starting off topless, each of the girls smear baby oil onto the other before they get down to business, sliding around in the slickness, rubbing themselves on top of each other, and before long, pulling off their partner's bikini bottoms to complete matters in the nude. The action then becomes even more erotic, with the girls feeling each other all over, sucking nipples, teasing and prodding between legs, and even indulging in oral sex. First up we're treated to the gorgeous sight of Emma and Axa, two perfect blondes enjoying each other, and before the end they're joined by Holly, concluding matters in a steamy threesome. Axa then gets naked and slippery with big-breasted redhead Holly, a joy to watch, before Holly returns to do likewise with Emma. Perfect female bodies writhe, roll and moan as they pleasure each other. The final pairing sees Cherry Bomb, a tattooed and tomboyish girl, getting to play with glamour girl Emma - a fantasy come true for Cherry. As it progresses, her arousal is understandable and obvious to all, the encounter ending in some frantic humping.

1. Emma & Axa (23:39 mins)

The two hottest blondes to appear with Mixed Wrestling Wales, Emma and Axa have never filmed anything quite as sexy or explicit as this. Starting off topless, the pair spend some time smearing baby oil into each other's perfect bodies, and then begin to slide around together in the slickness. Emma, and then Axa, opens her legs, inviting the other aboard, and it isn't long before the bikini bottoms come off too, and the girls are pleasuring each other all over - flicking their tongues over hardened nipples and between legs. The sight of their two fit bodies arched and tensed with excitement as they wrap limbs around each other, and rub eager hands over breasts and pussy, is certainly a memorable one. Axa's nipples stand out like bullets after Emma's lips and tongue have been to work on them. Just when you think it can't get any better, gorgeous and shapely redhead Holly joins them in a scorching threesome. In one scene, all three are linked up, receiving oral pleasure from the other.
height 165
age 26
weight 63
country United Kingdom
cup size B
Emma / Jessica Jensen
height 165
age 20
weight 52
country United Kingdom
cup size B