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Elsa vs Belinda Belle & Pamela (23:22)

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United States

This DVD comprises two lengthy, themed matches, the first of which was filmed in Steel Kittens ring, and the second of which is an early match for Californian glamour wrestling specialists Golden Girls. Both are classic two-versus-one encounters, featuring all manner of wrestling holds as one girl is subjugated, stretched and tortured the difference is that with one girl held helpless, one of the dominant girls covers the victim's mouth and nose, making it almost impossible for her to breathe. Both matches combine wrestling and smothering. The first features the stunning Belinda Belle, accompanied by Pamala, a steel-eyed fellow blonde who combines an amazing bikini body with a uniquely mean facial expression. We watch as they tear Elsa apart, a plucky and busty brunette, taking every opportunity to smother her when they have her in hold. Briefly, the brave victim escapes, throwing and pinning both Belinda and her partner, but it turns out to be a temporary reprieve. A similar format is followed in match two, which features three brunettes, all clad in the floral, high-hipped bikinis so popular in the day. In both matches, we see crushing head scissors, surfboard holds, boston crab style pins, as well as lots of smothering. Briefly, the victim escapes her tormentors, putting one of them into a neat body scissors of her own, but it isn't long before she's overpowered again. Drained of energy, she is confined to the corner of the ring as she is once again crushed and smothered out of contention.

1. Elsa vs Belinda Belle & Pamela (23:22 mins)

In an early match filmed for Steel Kittens, founder Belinda Belle teams up with Pamala, also a blonde, to bully and smother a Elsa, a curvaceous brunette opponent. For over 20 minutes, this classic two-versus-one encounter, between three girls identically clad in yellow bikinis, features every wrestling hold in the book, and plenty of smothering, in which the dominant duo trap and stretch their hapless, busty opponent and plant their hands over her mouth and chin, making it nearly impossible for her to breathe.

For the majority of this encounter, Belinda and Pamala utterly control the action, humiliating and destroying their opponent, both individually and as a team. At one point, she finds herself headlocked and smothered by Belinda, while Pamala cruelly controls and scissors her legs. Gasping and moaning as she is summarily destroyed, Elsa, who has a hard time keeping her big breasts inside her bikini top, gets a measure of revenge, fighting and throwing both Belinda and Pamala repeatedly, almost to the point of submission. It is, however, a temporary reprieve, as the gorgeous duo again team up to finish the plucky brunette, eventually tying her to the ropes in the corner.
Belinda (GG)
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Pamela Manning
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weight 56
country United States
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Elsa (SK)
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country United States
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