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Dominique vs Simon (48:46)

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United Kingdom

Perhaps one of the all round largest women ever to take to the Festelle mats, Dominique is a whole lotta everything. The huge black girl, who appears topless here, is simply too strong and heavy to wrestle most women, and for that matter most men. Here she demonstrates exactly why via a 48-minute annihiliation and domination of a clearly overwhelmed Simon. The hopeless male can offer nothing but token resistance as the phenomenal female crushes him time after time. There are endless pins and humiliating breast smothers, plus scissors on both body and head. During the latter, Simon's entire head disappears between those suffocating thighs and it's all he can do to make his muffled cries of submission heard. Following this, an excellent mixed encounter takes place between a young black couple, and curvaceous newcomer Jayda is certainly a real find, as TJ finds out to his cost when she's sitting on his face. Having initially pinned her, forcing her face into his crotch and tickling her, TJ pays a significant price when Jayda gets the upper hand. Wriggling and grinding her shapely booty on his helpless face, she leaves him in no doubt as to where the true power lies.

1. Dominique vs Simon (48:46 mins)

Everything about Dominique is huge. Breasts, hips, thighs, shoulders, everything. She's undoubtedly one of the largest women ever to take to the Festelle mats and here, fighting topless, she takes on and utterly destroys the hapless Simon. Looking like a beaten man before this mammoth, 48-minute thrashing even commences, he can offer nothing but token resistance as the supersize black girl has her wicked way. Within minutes of this starting she has planted him on his back and is bringing her considerable weight to bear down upon him.

She makes sure Simon gets to see all that he could possibly want and more by crushing his face between her big breasts. Dominique isn't averse to trapping him in some textbook wrestling holds either, such as stretching him from behind and scissoring him around his midriff between her fulsome thighs. As his head then disappears altogether between the black chasm of her legs, she continues to toy with the defenceless male. It is all Simon can do to make himself heard as he attempts to submit. Expect one-sided black female on white male domination throughout this marathon of humiliation.
height 173
age 20
weight 109
country United Kingdom
cup size C