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Danielle vs Candy (41:10)

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panty / panty & bra

bathing suits


dressed --> topless


topless --> nude

dressed --> nude


apartment mats

tit grabbing


crotch grabbing

titfight - breast to breast

Erotic / Lesbians

pussy eating

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United Kingdom

A DVD that comprises both interracial wrestling and steamy girl-on-girl action, the main attraction here is rising Festelle star Candy, a black girl who knows how to dish out domination. In the main match featured here, she completely overwhelms white opponent Danielle, eventually stripping her nude and having her wicked way, groping, slapping and kissing her. Candy intersperses segments of sexual domination with strong, quickly applied wrestling holds, sometimes pinning Danielle to the floor, sometimes holding her against the wall and sometimes controlling her from behind. While any confidence Danielle might have brought to the wrestling mat is shattered, she certainly doesn't mind the punishment. A shorter, but incredibly sexy match follows, between cute black girl Apple and brunette Rachel, she of the smouldering good looks and shapely, sculpted breasts. As Apple takes control, it's those buoyant mammaries that she has her eye (and hands -; and tongue!) on. Starting topless and ending up nude, Apple out wrestles Rachel with ease, and proceeds to take full advantage of the prone, sexy-as-hell body of her beaten opponent.

1. Danielle vs Candy (41:10 mins)

Those of you that have charted the career of rising Festelle star Candy will know that she is not a woman to be trifled with. Strong, black and sexily built, she isn't about to let curvaceous blonde opponent Danielle take any bragging rights over her in this 41-minute epic -; a match that begins as a wrestling duel but ends up being a struggle of an altogether more erotic nature. Starting the match topless, Candy soon has the measure of her white rival, who wears a sexy white swimsuit, soon wiping the lustful grin off the blonde's face.

Controlling her, Candy soon starts to play, squeezing her breasts from behind and running her hands downwards, inside Danielle's figure-hugging suit. Before long, Candy tires of this and strips Danielle first topless and then nude, and she eventually goes nude herself. Between further bouts of wrestling, which always go Candy's way, pretty soon she is pinning Danielle to wall, murmuring excitedly as she kisses and gropes her.

Later she slaps her bared pussy and buttocks. -;Who's the bitch now?-; she whispers, teasing her now submissive opponent. Several minutes before the end, the gasps of battle diminish, replaced purely by moans of pleasure as both girls kiss and caress each other towards a stimulating conclusion.
height 168
age 18
weight 64
country United Kingdom
cup size B
height 170
age 31
weight 75
country United Kingdom
cup size B