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#6453 article number: FV-LGF14 - 1

Cherry Bomb v Amy Latina (19:52)

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Loser Gets Fucked


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tit grabbing

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LGF - loser gets fucked



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United Kingdom

Looking markedly different to her previous appearances with us, Cherry Bomb - now appearing with long, dark hair, takes on newcomer Amy Latina in a tantalising nude wrestling match. As with all matches in this series, the winner will get to fuck the loser while wearing a black strap-on. In this particular encounter there's a sense that neither of the girls can wait to get to the main event. Amy at first seems unable to resist Cherry's attacks, frequently getting caught in body scissor holds or being pinned by the spunky, tattooed aggressor.

Both frequently reach for the other's breasts, and it seems passions are starting to rise even before Cherry - as victor - dons the strap-on. As she fucks Amy, from no less than three positions, it's clear that the loser's pleasure in being taken in this manner is real. She even fingers herself to add to her experience as Cherry rides her. This must rank as one of the hottest denouements of any matches in this series.
Cherry Bomb
height 163
age 25
weight 54
country United Kingdom
cup size B
Amy Latina
height 150
age 27
weight 45
country United Kingdom
cup size B