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Candy vs Ruby (12:23)

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Black vs Withe


studio mats

tit grabbing

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United Kingdom

A treat for fans of black wrestlers in particular, Candy Stick features no less than five nude wrestling clashes filmed at the Festelle studios, and all but one feature the extremely strong and confident Candy. She takes on newcomers Ruby, a lovely mixed race girl, and Nikita, a beautiful damsel, in remarkably even matches that no one wants to lose, but the jewel in the crown here is probably her all-action duel with M'jay, one of the best white wrestlers on the Festelle books. This one is exhausting and gripping, and its outcome - which we won't give away - certainly determines the pecking order here at Festelle. Ruby returns in a match with cute but tough black girl Princess Zena, chalking up what could be the first of many victories. Finally, because Candy is so difficult to beat, we decide to throw two white girls at her at once - but will it be enough to breach the defences of this black warrior queen?

1. Candy vs Ruby (13:35 mins)

For her first appearance for Festelle, mixed race beauty Ruby could hardly have picked a tougher opponent than black girl Candy, who is rarely if ever beaten. Fought entirely nude, this one is surprisingly even with both girls unable to get a clear advantage from a standing start. Candy soon learns to be wary of Ruby, who proves that what she lacks in experience she makes up for in strength and will. Finally, after a real battle of attrition, the experienced girl does succeed in taking her opponent to the mat, and after a grapple, brings her strong legs firmly around her ribs, crushing Ruby into a hard fought defeat.
height 168
age 18
weight 64
country United Kingdom
cup size B
height 163
age 18
weight 63
country United Kingdom
cup size A