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Candy on Dave (32:29)

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Mixed Fights








United Kingdom

Deeply explicit and based entirely around black girls sexually dominating a white male and being pleasured for their trouble, Lickin' Black certainly lives up to its title. In the first film, angry wife Candy is waiting for her husband Dave, anticipating a night out. When he finally wanders in, she takes revenge by ordering him to strip naked. She then sits on his face and demands that he licks, probes and pleasures her with his tongue. With both male and dominant female completely naked, the action is lingering and extremely explicit. Candy, shifting position throughout, continues her domination until she's had enough. Evidently having learnt nothing from this experience, the second film sees Dave apparently snubbing the attentions of curvaceous black girlfriend Jayda, despite the fact that she's wearing some sexy new lingerie. Jayda takes out her frustration by pushing Dave to the floor and sitting on his face. Once she has stripped them both naked, despite his protests, her sexual domination – and his licking of her pussy – commences. Half way through, Candy struts in, wearing sexy underwear herself, and decides to join in. A surprised Dave ends this encounter with two nude black girls grinding away on top of him, as – in lingering, close-up detail – he licks one after the other.

1. Candy on Dave (32:29 mins)

Dave is in real trouble when he leaves his wife Candy waiting for him on the sofa. Wearing a black mini-dress Candy is all set for a night out, but there's no sign of her husband. At 10pm he finally wanders in, and to the fury of the fit black girl he announces that he's been at the pub with the lads. Not only demanding a divorce for this indignity, Candy decides to punish him. She orders him to strip completely naked and lie on his back. Then she sits on his face, thighs clamped around his cheeks, and his mouth and nose forced into her crotch. Deeming this insufficiently humiliating, Candy opts to strip naked herself.

Taking advantage of the situation, she decides it's about time Dave put his tongue to work and pleasured her while she controls him. Naked, Candy settles into position, and for the next 20 minutes, she orders Dave to lick her pussy. As she changes position, offering views from every angle, he does what he's told. Occasionally he reaches up to play with her breasts, and Candy even pulls and massages his own genital area to underline the level of her black-on-white, female-on-male control. The majority of this film is 100% sexual domination as the naked, prostrate male flicks his tongue over Candy's most intimate region in explicit detail.
height 168
age 18
weight 64
country United Kingdom
cup size B