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Autumn vs Gonzo (29:48)

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The Only Man Who Can Save World Wrestling is back again to rouse the spirits of every red-blooded male! For only he is man enough to stem the tide of assertive feminism - a tide which he feels may well yet submerge us all.

1. Autumn vs Gonzo (29:48 mins)

Autumn is the personification of this trend. Aggressive, attractive and strong, she's a challenge which our hero must accept in the name of men everywhere.

Unfortunately however Gonzo proves better at talking (who else can deliver a running commentary with his face between the cheeks of his opponent's buttocks) than at wrestling, and the poor man is soon staring not only at Autumn's backside, but also at total defeat.

Lengthy periods of face-sitting and breast-smothering are the hallmark of this match and soon Gonzo is falling back on that old excuse of the defeated wrestler 'I can't breathe!' But no alibi can conceal his utter humiliation.
height 170
age 28
weight 65
cup size C