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#3317 article number: CVS2 - 1

Austin vs Angelica (04:39)

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Catfights (extreme)

USA / Canada

panty / panty & bra

regular clothing

furnished apartment

head punsching

body punching




heavy hairpulling












United States


This real Catfight features Angelica Vs. Austin. A classic Black Vs. Blonde fight with two fairly good looking women in decent condition going up against one another. What were these girlz thinking as they stood back to back at the beginning of this match? Goofy smiling and initially wrestling around on the ground in a contest of who can achieve the best headlock, this fight gets off to a somewhat shaky start. Damn, I thought. Two decent looking women in an interracial catfight featuring a black versus a white blonde woman, and they are smiling and wrestling. Just my luck. Things do get better though as this match moves along. To their credit, both Angelica and Austin manage to wipe each other's smiles off their faces after about a minute of catfighting. Austin finally realizes that Angelica is going to woman-handle her at the very least, when she gets hit by some of the glancing blows landing too close for comfort to her face. Soon, both of these good looking girlz are falling and flailing around trying to get the upper hand on one another. Black Angelica is generally dominating Blonde Austin, and when she climbs on top of the white girl and lands two glancing punches to her face, Austin yells out, "I Fucking Give!" Well, my heart sank during that second of time, and I thought, "Austin, you are just building on the perception that white women, and in particular blondes, are pussies and can't fight." I Fucking Give Up? Then, to my surprise, she leaps to her feet as the Black woman is getting up and literally jumps Angelica's ass wrestling her down to the red carpeted floor, and starts whipping up on her... The Blonde Girl On The Black Girl'z Ass with fists and slaps landing here and there
height 164
age 2016
weight 58
country Canada
cup size B
height 165
age 2016
weight 61
country United States
cup size C