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Andrew vs Vixen 1/3 (11:32)

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Mixed Fights








United Kingdom

For those of you who aren't content to see male wrestlers simply roll over and let their female opponents dominate them, this is one DVD you won't want to miss. It comprises two matches, both over 30 minutes in length, and both featuring some of the most genuine female versus male wrestling you're ever likely to see. Here, as the title suggests, the women do succeed in winning, they do it not be arrangement, but by actual merit. No one loves a competitive struggle more than big guy Andrew who here takes on sultry Vixen (sadly now retired) in a gruelling match fought outdoors in the sunshine. Vixen goes topless in this sweaty encounter, in which the submission count mounts for both of them, ensuring that this one stays exciting and unpredictable right until the end. Vixen must wrestle intelligently, and keep away from Andrew's gripping legs, to have a chance - and this is exactly what she does. The second match has to go down as a mixed wrestling classic, featuring the skilful and slim beauty Lilly in a terrific contest with Robert, a much older man who is most certainly not about to let some young girl walk all over him. Wrestling in sexy lingerie, Lilly must fight hard, resist many painful holds and use all of her talent, youth and athleticism to overcome both Robert's own skill and his superior strength. And incredibly - she pulls it off. A stunning match between a young female and older male. Due to their length, each match is divided into three parts on the DVD.

1. Part Andrew vs Vixen (11:32 mins)

In an extremely hard fought and competitive mixed match, big man Andrew takes on a girl that he considerably outweighs, the popular and plucky Vixen. The match, which clocks in at just over 30 minutes, takes place on mats outdoors in the sunshine, with Vixen competing topless. Andrew isn't the kind of guy that likes to be dominated and his battle with the sultry Vixen ebbs and flows, with both male and female in control at different times.
height 152
age 24
weight 48
country United Kingdom
cup size B