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Andrew vs Diamond (30:38)

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Mixed Fights








This open air mixed wrestling contest is certainly an extraordinary spectacle. Unlike most such contests, which may be scripted or staged, this one sees tough, robust Andrew taking on the equally tough Diamond, who is well known at Festelle for her feisty nature and unwillingness to submit. Fighting topless throughout, Diamond proves a perfect match for Andrew and the balance of power shifts constantly between them as first one and then the other gets on top, or traps the other in a headlock or scissors.

Over thirty minutes, only one submission is scored (right at the end) giving some idea of how genuinely challenging and evenly fought this titanic struggle is. For several minutes midway through, we witness a genuine battle of the sexes, not simply of bodies, but of willpower as well. Andrew has Diamond well and truly trapped, locked up and in pain, but despite her moans she simply refuses to submit, and – minutes later – somehow manages to extricate herself and bring the pressure back onto her male opponent. Download this one to discover if Andrew's one great chance to beat her has gone.
height 168
age 27
weight 65
cup size C