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#3093 article number: CV103 - 1

Alexandra vs Tara (16:48)

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Catfights (hard)

USA / Canada

We have often been asked when we would be offering another tape like CV23 'Basement Brawls', one of the most successful tapes from Crystal that we've ever stocked. Well, this is the nearest thing to it we've seen so far. Like 'Basement Brawls', 'Catspats at the Hellfire Club' is filmed in decidedly seedy surroundings, and the action is as rough as the decor.

In the first fight, between Alexandra and Tara, the women use the ring as their changing room and as soon as they've stripped to their skimpy underwear they let fly! Even the underwear doesn't last long though and most of the match is fought out in the nude, apart from stockings. Oh, and one of them keeps her suspender belt on...