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SP144 - Leave my man Alone - 58:11 Min.

Leave my man Alone
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Leave my man Alone

1) JB vs Tricia Oaks
2) Jordan Kingsley vs Cindy Pucci
3) Max Mikita vs Tricia Oaks
4) Nikki Jackson vs Rapture

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Four more diverse matches from our American fans, each with a heavy emphasis on smothering. Breast smothers and facesitting feature heavily in each match.

1. FRUIT SALAD - JB vs Tricia Oaks (15:03 mins)

Stunning college co-ed JB is back and takes on sexy Tricia Oaks. Both girls have stacked and solid bodies to die for.

Free Standard Download: 1-1 JB vs Tricia Oaks

They roll tit for tat trying to pin each other. One girl will be getting the other´s "Fruit Salad" right in her grill!

Free Standard Download: 1-2 JB vs Tricia Oaks

2. BLONDE ON BLONDE - Jordan Kingsley vs Cindy Pucci (15:01 mins)

This is NOT the classic Bob Dylan Album from the 1960's but is blonde porn star Jordan Kingsley taking on blonde and busty (34F) Cindy Pucci.

Free Standard Download: 2-1 Jordan Kingsley vs Cindy Pucci

Put the ladies together and you've got "Blonde On Blonde".

Free Standard Download: 2-2 Jordan Kingsley vs Cindy Pucci

3. FIGHTING FOR DJ - Max Mikita vs Tricia Oaks (13:46 mins)

Sexy and topless hotties Tricia Oaks and Max Mikita both are waiting for DJ to arrive at their training session because they each think he's their boyfriend. Neither wants to share him so of course they fight for him!

Free Standard Download: 3-1 Max Mikita vs Tricia Oaks

4. LEAVE MY MAN ALONE - Nikki Jackson vs Rapture (14:21 mins)

It's too bad that Rapture decided to go after Nikki's man by inviting him over for "Wrestling Practice" and basically hitting on him! When Nikki found out, these former friends had to go to battle. But because they both look hot and wrestle without tops their loss is YOUR gain!

Free Standard Download: 4-1 Nikki Jackson vs Rapture


Four matches which are choreographed to some degree to incorporate smothering moves, but fans of smothers won�t be disappointed as these girls are so hot and the matches are well produced and well presented.




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